Orlando, Florida is home to an ever-flourishing stand-up comedy scene.

OrlandoComedy.com was created in order to stimulate the already established scene by providing a go-to source for current OPEN MICS and SHOWCASES in the area.


OPEN MICS are kind of like the "karaoke of stand-up comedy." Generally speaking, anyone can sign-up before the show starts and are given 3-5 minutes of stage time. You will typically see a range from complete beginners/amateurs to national touring comedians working on new material. If you want to give stand-up comedy a shot or just want a fun & cheap night out, check out an OPEN MIC!

SHOWCASES are comedy shows consisting of comedians that are booked in advance and their stage time can vary greatly. Showcase lineups can range anywhere from 15+ comedians doing 5 minutes each to simply 3 or 4 acts consisting of a Host, Feature, Headliner, and occasionally a "guest spot." Showcases are more likely to charge a cover in order to help compensate the talent but surprisingly, most in Orlando are free! Check out a local SHOWCASE!

The line sometimes gets blurred when it comes to classifying a show as an OPEN MIC or SHOWCASE. Start going to a few and you'll see.



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